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GP Monako 2018-05-27
f1 - GP Monako


14 km/h

Mosaic for Robert

Dear Robert Kubica fans!

We hardly ever experience such a situation when all fans of Robert Kubica are allowed to participate in such a common campaign, without any stoppages nor barriers! However, circumstances have caused that Robert Kubica needs now our enormous optimism and support more than ever before. For that reason, the campaign "The Mosaic for Robert" was started.

It is a project which came out from many initiatives which that came up in this portal. The aim of the campaign is to create the mosaic portrait of Robert Kubica. The portrait will be built out of the photos which his supporters should send. All you have to do is to log in and place there your own photograph. We give you a necessary tool which automatically resizes your photo to the dimensions needed for our further work.

The mosaic will be printed out in form of a poster. Its dimensions depend on a number of photographs which we will receive. If we assume that we will receive 15000 pictures, the size of a poster will oscillate around 150cm x 200cm. Surely, the mosaic will be helpful to Robert and given directly to him.

The plan is to give all of you the possibility to download the file, which will be suitable for printing, from our web page after the ending of the campaign.

We would like Robert to feel positive energies that flow from the hearts of all his fans! Our "thank you" goes to:,, RMF Max, TVP Info, TVN, PAP, TVP1, Dziennik Zachodni and all not mentioned media which are helping us. We wish that more supporters and media will join us in that fan's initiative.

Registration and login are obligatory because of necessity of quality verification.
Technical explanation of process of pictures’ addition is given after login.
One word of explanation – the campaign is an initiative of Readers, who did not want to be mentioned by their name or @nick.
Thank you on behalf of others.
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